About Us

Who We Are?

Mission: Consult and deliver quality services and products for our clients success. Vision: Create new products and services with quality functions and services that customers need, but have not yet thought possible.

We are skilled results-oriented IT Professionals in architecture, development, networking, programming, project management, cross-platform systems, implementation, integration and systems administration. In addition to strategic planning and organizational development.

Core competencies are a collective learning of an organization and have enabled ImpressLive to effectively coordinate diverse production skills and the integration of multiple streams of technologies. An industry influences technology and technology also influences industry. Competing technologies help improve them. Technologies are often chosen sometimes due to historic events and when technology is accepted other sub technologies develop. Our competencies are enhanced as they are continuously applied, shared, nurtured and protected. Competencies tie existing business together and are the nucleus for new business developments and will assist in guiding market entry and diversification of ImpressLive’s products and services. ImpressLive aims to bring new technological solutions to the needs of its market.

About ImpressLive's Founder

Karen M. Callier founded ImpressLive Corporation in 2008. Karen received a Masters Degree in Computer Information Systems Management with a concentration in Project Management from DeVry's Keller Graduate School of Management in 2011.

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Karen M. Callier

CEO - Founder

Karen is currently pursuing a MBA with a concentration in Information Security. 

ImpressLive aims to bring new technological solutions to the needs of our clients.