Queen of the Damned (Making Of) 2016

Model: Nia Viacheva
MUA / Headdress / Headpiece: Mirsea's Wonderland -
Photography: Antonia Glaskova -
Camera & Edition: Vladimir Balkanov -
Corsets & Skirt:

Uncanny Valley

Shot and edited by Edna Leshowitz, with Martina Passa, wardrobe styling by Caroline Scott.
Song - "Every Dreamhome A Heartache," by Roxy Music

Accepter le Bien / Refuser le Mal

"Accept Good / Refuse Evil"
A film about being angry and feeling persecuted about it. It's not acceptable to live in a world like that. We must find good in any case.
With a little personal twist. Because this film is not serious ;-).

A test with the RX100 Mark4 in Slow-Motion with 5d Raw Magic Lantern shots.
I used two songs : One from the film "Sicario" named "The Beast" by Jóhann Jóhannsson, and the other from the film "Le professionnel" by Ennio Morricone. I did not own the right for these songs. All right reserved to their owners.

Made in Caen in a Kino with a Three-Day-Shooting/Editing Obligation.

Starring Fred Renda.

Thank You Kino Caen !


Experimental sting for upcoming plugin software...
After Effects and Element 3D.