"Dedicated to Bruce Baillie, whose brief film 'A Hurrah for Soldiers' (1963) - of which Baillie wrote simply 'Dedicated to Albert Verbrugghe, whose wife was killed in Katange by UN soldiers, 1963' - has always struck me as one of his finest, and least appreciated works." - Wheeler Winston Dixon

No Country for Old Men - Storyboard to Film Comparison

An study of No Country for Old Men scene with storyboard and script.

Film used:
No Country For Old Men (2007)
Director: Ethan & Joel Coen
Storyboard Artist: J. Todd Anderson
© Miramar FIlms | © Paramount Vantage

Titles Credits
Composer: Carter Burwell

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Video summary of season 2015 Jose Miralles at Night of the Jumps - Masters of Dirt
Rider: Jose Miralles
Masters of Dirt:
Night of the Jumps:
MTrack: TV On The Radio- Wolf Like Me.
Edit: BST

Isolation: The Series I "Infection" I EP3

The beginning of the end, a wide-spread solar phenomenon has created a condition known as Hydro- Acid. In the heart of Downtown Los Angeles we see the first outbreak take place. We get a first look at some of the first infected by Hydro-Acid. In this "glue" episode, new information is given to us about what exactly is happening. Plus a new character is introduced into the series.
Directed by Rodrigo Roque IV
DP: Adam Jasinski
Edward Figueroa
Mohamed Attrah
Kewon Vines
Ajenee Bomani Bysin
Jonny McFlyy
Katy Arzola
Frank Haynes
Jordan Zamzow

Expanded Painting, WTF

Educational fun video about this movement in contemporary art.
See full project at

Written & directed by Iván Bravo
Design, editing & installations by Iván Bravo
CG: Dídac Punyet
Filming: Miguel Galván
Music: Funky by HotWaterStudio
Thanks to: Laura del Valle and La Panera staff: Antoni Jove, Roser Sanjuan, Jordi i Teresa