A minute to save your life

It only takes a minute to save your life in case of terrorist threat. Learn how to react and protect yourself and others during a terrorist attack. Run if possible, hide properly, call the police and take shelter with them.

Short movie produced by Cristian Bulumac & Alex Lungu, animation by Anna Florea & Alex Lungu, illustrations by Anna Florea, sound design Stefan Teodorescu, CC-BY music by Scott Holmes "Beat the burglar".

Whether we like it or not, the terrorist threat is here. It is difficult to prevent and its impact can only be limited if all of us cooperate. Many people will experience, in extreme situations, an all encompassing panic that blocks reactions, effectively freezing them, when every second is critical for saving lives. This can be combated by having the prior knowledge that critical situations are not always without solutions.
But how many people have read the government issued advice, on official websites, buried under several links and menus? How many do even know this kind of how-to's exist before something bad happens? The answer is, too few compared to the number of those who might need the information. But why not have the information readily available, in a simple format, easy to understand in a short time?
The governments can easily do that, but their choice is usually a long text document, written in a cryptic language, or a a long and monotone video speech. This tools have their merits, but are not usually on the creative side of sharing the knowledge.
A better approach is the following short animation, easy to watch and understand for everybody. Enjoy and promote it in order to ‪#‎save‬ a ‪#‎life‬.
‪#‎Paris‬ ‪#‎Bruxelles‬ ‪#‎Orlando‬ ‪#‎Istanbul‬ ... it never ends


ALARÓ | 06.2016

Hurricane Teaser 1

Teaser for the short film, HURRICANE. A paranoia fueled dramedy set in 1950s Cold War, about a husband and wife's unexpected encounter with Communism.

the road trip series // wandering the world // travel video

A short film to capture the magic of endlessly travelling on the road, around the world.

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Places in this part of the series include:

Untied States: Los Angeles + San Francisco and everything in-between, Yosemite National Park, Joshue Tree National Park, New York.
Hawaii 'The Big Island' and Oahu. Including the top of Mauna Kea summit.
Europe: Poland: Gdansk to Krakow to Kostrzyn to Szczecin and everywhere in-between. Germany. Ireland: Slane - Dublin - Kilkenny.
Australia: Southern Highlands, Gundagai, Blue Mountains.

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SERAPHIX: Bay Area 2015

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