A woozy, boozy, neon-filled Friday night, scored by Italo Disco hit "Tonight" by Savage.

Filmed, edited and directed by Jordan Currier
for Four37 Productions

Blank Trailer

Trailer for short movie "Blank"

Suport love, ignore hate, make a wolrd better place!

Director and Producer Dejan Djukic
Assistant Director: Rando Lull

Katherine - Fashion Film

Cinematography: Joao Medina
Editor: Andres Lucas
Model: Katherine Apunte

Gear: Canon C100 / Rokinon Cinema Lens
Location: Guayaquil - Ecuador

Global Shapers

The Cochabamba Hub is a member of the Global Shapers Community, a network of Hubs developed and led by young people who are exceptional in their potential, their achievements and their drive to make a contribution to their communities.

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Producer: Jemma Gonzalez
Director: Simoon Moshi
Cinematographer: Michelina Miedema
Editor: Hannah Doucet-Rouche

This micro-documentary was produced on location in Cochabamba, Bolivia, by an Actuality Media student crew and shot primarily with a Canon cameras. The making of this video was part of a one-day-shoot assignment; an exercise to prepare a crew who had never filmed together to be ready to create a the short documentary on a local changemaker.
Actuality Media is on the ground with every student crew to oversee production of these short documentaries, providing the services of executive producer, production manager, location scout, additional editing, and whatever else is needed to complete the project.
We are more than a film study abroad program. We are a service learning organization that takes students and young professionals abroad to create media on changemakers in developing communities around the world. Our films spread the word about nonprofits, NGOs and social entrepreneurs who are implementing innovative, new ideas to combat chronic social problems. Find out more about our work and adventures at