Reglas Mandela

Lunes 06 de Junio en Espacio INCAA Cine Gaumont se estrenó el Spot "Reglas Mandela" editado para la Procuración Penitenciaria de la Nación, en conjunto con la Defensoría General de la Nación. Acción que tiene por objeto sumarse al propósito global de impulsar condiciones de encarcelamiento dignas.

“Reglas Mandela” | un spot diseñado y producido por Waleco

Interpretado por Ximena Banús
Dirigido por Pablo Acosta Larroca y Gonzalo Alípaz
Producción Ejecutiva Nacho Diaz
Fotografía y Cámara Juan A. Ledo Beccaglia
Arte y Vestuario Noe Volpe
Maquillaje y Peinado Andrea Marque
Diseño y Mezcla de Sonido Martin Scaglia
Montaje Guido Riviere
Postproducción y VFX Javier Poclava
Foto Fija Florencia Barbati
Jefa de Producción Rocío Grosman
Gaffer Brian Bendersky
Asistente de Cámara y Foquista Leandro Pascutto
Meritorio de Producción Damian Baila

Grabado en Brujacine

The Peaceable Kingdom

"One day in the life of a group of African elephants - protected, for the moment, from the predations of humankind." ― Wheeler Winston Dixon

"And finally I saw that the very land itself had risen, that the sunbaked land had taken form as something vast and alive, and was in motion. The land walked as multitudes, their strides so utterly of the earth that they seemed the source of the very dust. The cloud they raised engulfed us, seeped into every pore, coated our teeth, seeped into our minds. Both flesh and metaphor. That big. And you could see their heads, like warriors’ shields. Their great breaths, gushing in and out, resonant in the halls of their lungs. The skin as they moved, wrinkled with time and wear, batiked with the walk of ages, as if they lived within the creased maps of the lives they’ve traveled. Travelers across landscapes, and through timescapes. The skin moving like swishing corduroy, textured and rough but sensitive to the slightest touch. The grind of their cobblestone molars as, sheaf by sheaf and mouthful by mouthful, they acquire the world. All the while uttering the contented purring of mounds of memories." ― Carl Safina, Beyond Words: What Animals Think and Feel

L'hiver à Montréal

CAN/AT 2016
3:20, 18fps
Super8, color, silent
Kodak Vision 3 500T, hand processed, cross-process

This is a documentation of a walk through the beautiful city of Montreal in the winter time. Shot on Super8 by in-camera editing the film was hand processed and crossed.